Ian Szydlowski

Ian Szydlowski

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Ian Szydlowski
  • Kriya practices with Ian Szydlowski

  • Open Class with Ian Szydlowski

  • Open Class with Ian Szydlowski

  • Offer it Up! with Ian Szydlowski

    Learning to practice offering the fruits of our actions challenges us to stay focused and in the present moment. The Guru could be called the transformation principle, to be able feed any emotion or thought we might have into our practice without holding on or rejecting brings us the strength to ...

  • Open Class - Shine the Light with Ian Szydlowski

    Energetic and fun class practicing with a beautiful yoga Sutra from Patanjali with the focus written by Yogeswari. Learning how to experience the heart-mind connection as a balance not only of our thoughts but also of our senses and emotions. How we can learn to build strength not to overpower o...

  • Open Class - Exploring the Field of Perception with Ian Szydlowski

    In ancient Tibetan traditions they say that as we experience the sphere of awareness it has the potential to bring us deeper into our center. Along with some playful strengthening practices get ready for off the charts vinyasa krama variations based on rotations and mobility in the hip joint. Goo...

  • Open Class - Fire up to Slow down with Ian Szydlowski

    Slow and steady does it with cosy warm movements before letting go. Get ready to start with a simple resonance breathing practice and get moving into some slow meditative vinyasas before moving on your back for a sweet and short core surprise - just as a way to build a little heat to be able to ...

  • Focus on Hips and Shoulders with Ian Szydlowski

    Learning to carefully open hips and shoulders can be a vital part of any yoga asana journey. Here we will cover a short series that will focus on hip opening - especially external rotation that can help us to ground and work towards moving into a full lotus with time and patience. For the Shoulde...

  • Open Class - Becoming the Jivanmukta with Ian Szydlowski

    To find balance in our yoga practice we need to explore a spectrum of movements and sensations to find sameness. Sameness not as something dull but rather as a starting point to our true potential. Practicing with samatvam or equanimity which is what Krishna tells us in the Bhagavad Gita is the e...

  • Connecting the Beads with Ian Szydlowski

    Medium level 60 minute open, focus on setting an intention. By remembering an elevated intention throughout our practice we loosen deep seated fears that bind us to negative tendencies. Freeing these allows us to move freely with confidence in our lives if we can stay connected it can help us to ...

  • Open Class - Aligning with Joy with Ian Szydlowski

    Practicing to move from isolation to connection. This slow and well rounded flow hopes to open our hearts and help us move with grace and ease into our future. When we learn that aligning the physical body can also lead us to the more subtle and stable aspects of experiencing joy it can help us t...

  • Focus on Kriya & Pranayama with Ian Szydlowski

    Brief journey into how anchoring our attention on kriya and pranayama can lead us to a sense of more openness and confidence that can allow us the experience of grounding us down to lift us up!
    Dharma Theme: None
    Asana Theme: Kriya, Pranayama
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