Andrea Kwiatkowski

Andrea Kwiatkowski

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Andrea Kwiatkowski
  • 60m Restore and Renew - Andrea

    You will need a bolster, 2 blocks . 


  • 60m Open "Hanging Out in the Heart Space" - Andrea

    An Open class focusing on Sutra 3.34 When we meditate on the spiritual heart we gain insight and knowledge into the mind The class will develop backbending asana, you will need 2 blocks and a blanket. 


  • Panel - The Roots of Social and Cultural Inequity

    Join Yogeswari, Andrea Kwiatkowski, Maria Macaya, Raman Devi, Jivamukti CEO Hari Mulukutla, and special guest Lucy Koechlin in a broad look at the roots of social and cultural inequity - and the impact they have on modern life.

    For further information on this panel and ones upcoming, please visi...

  • 18m Kriya, Breath, & Bandha - Andrea

    A morning practice to awaken the energetic body.

    Note: This class is NOT suitable for pregnant students or those with heart conditions, hernias, or recent abdominal surgery. 

  • 20m Practice "Happy Hips & Hamstrings "- Andrea

    Release tension from the hamstrings and take the hip joint through its range of movement. You will need a strap and a block.